EU History - Histories

  • The Simple Guide to the Federal Idea, by Stephen Woodard (from Ventotene, Federalism and Politics, 1995). A history of the tradition of thought that might have inspired, but certainly legitimised, post-war integration (which, incidently, only enters the picture in the last third of this survey).
  • Jean Monnet. His life and work. Prepared by the federalist group Europlace. A brief overview of the life and achievements of the man often regarded as the 'founding father' of the European Community.
  • Modern European History. Slide presentation of 13 history lectures (with a stong emphasis on European integration) with selected web-links prepared by Lorraine White (University of Woolongong, Australia).
  • Intergovernmental Conferences: an Overview, prepared by the EU. A full survey covering the negotiations of 1950-51, 55-57, 85, 90-91. Strange, though, how the failed negotaitions on the defence community (1952-54) have been airbrushed out of existence.
  • The History of Conditional Agenda-setting in European Institutions, by George Tsebelis and Amie Kreppel represents an attempt to make explicit and institutional interprestation of European integration. Research paper of the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine.
  • The UK and EU. Reflections on the problem of explanation. By Fred Nash, University of Southampton. Paper presented at the 1995 Annual conference of the British International Studies Association.
  • A History of the EU, prepared by the Dutch branch of the European Movement. A short history of the EU reached via the "geschiedenis" button. Only in Dutch.
  • History and Challenges, prepared by the US Mission to the EU. Its history is thin, but it gives a fairly solid review of the recent past (from the 1990s).
  • Short History of the European Union. An appendix to a World Information Centre on Energy (an anti-nuclear group) report entitled "Agenda 2000: Will it increase nuclear safety in Eastern Europe?". Go here for access to the whole report.
  • History of the WEU. An 'official' history of the WEU, a precursor of NATO which lived a twilight existence for most of its history until revived as the potential defence arm of the European Union. Go to WEU history on the left.

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