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Academic Info The Cold War – Directory of on-line Resources.  Enough to make this page redundant!

Avalon’s Collection on the Cuban Missile Crisis and its Aftermath

CNN  An on-line site supporting the CNN/BBC series on the Cold War. Once in, go to the Episode-by-Episode link where you will find programme text, interviews, a selection of historical documents (usually four or five) and some video clips and soundbites.

Cold War Hot Links Site with links from the good to the worthless, from the centralities to the periphery. Hosted by David Price at St. Martins College, Lacey, Washington. Great fun.

Cold War International History Project This is the site of a project established to exploit newly released data from behind the old iron curtain. Very generous in making research and translations of documents available on-line (go to the Bulletin).

Cold War Museum Hosts virtual exhibitions on several cold-war themes

Cold War Policies 1945-1991  Some documents and lecture notes supporting course

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: The Cold War  A treasure-trove of materials, in chronological order. Hosted by H-Diplo.

Foreign Relations of the United States

History Channel This day in Cold War History  Certainly an different way of looking at things… I never knew that Eisenhower gave his “domino theory” speech on my sixth birthday

National Security Archive   shows the results of a team of lawyers using the 'Freedom of Information Act' to extract archives from the hands of a less-than willing government.... but, before being over-judgemental, reflect that in many Western countries, stuff like this is being shreaded right now.

NATO on-line Library

NATO Basic Documents 

NATO Summits and Ministerial Communiques  from 1945 to the present

Trachtenberg Website Cold War History  contains a collection of documents on "America, Europe, and German Rearmament, August-September 1950"

Western European Union  Key texts from 1984 onwards

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