Lecture: 'The epistolary rhetoric of a grammarian'

On Thursday 11 March prof. dr. Ineke Sluiter will give a lecture at Durham University. The lecture is part of the Durham University seminar series in Classics & Ancient History.

Durham University

Durham University

Title: The epistolary rhetoric of a grammarian
Abstract: The monumental grammar by Priscian (late fifth/early sixth cent.) is prefaced by a dedicatory letter to the consul Julian. In this paper, I will discuss this letter and its impact. Although nominally addressed to one man, the letter manages to constitute its readership as a community of scholars, its author as a particular type of scholar, and its subject (grammar) as a 'hot' and urgent enterprise.

The lecture will take place at 11:30, in room CL007, Department of Classics & Ancient History, Durham University. For more information please contact Dr. Thorsten Foegen.

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