Concert and lecture Tin Man and the Telephone

In the docARTES + series Tony Roe will give a lecture and concert with his band Tin Man and the Telephone on April 16th at 20.00

The members of Tin Men and the Telephone (TMT), graduates of the Amsterdam Conservatory, share great enthusiasm and a belief that there is much space to disclose in improvised music. Three enthusiastic musicians, who grew up with modern classical, hip hop, Balkan rhythms and contemporary forms, present jazz in a new guise. Seductive, funny, challenging, wicked - but always with great musical depth and strong rhythms. For people who want to hear . and see something new. Because for TM&T it is obvious that music comes with images. The repertoire? A complete translation of Messiaen's Danse de la Fureur in jazz jargon, a surprising arrangement of Nokia ringtones, music by and for animals, and nostalgic piece of old-time jazz.

In the performance of TM&T the everyday life environment is a source of musical and theatrical / visual inspiration. Elements that normally go unnoticed or are just annoying, are picked up and incorporated in the performance: queues of service lines, directions from car navigation, ring-tones, a screaming football reporter, abrasive and rumbled traffic noise, but also animal sounds - for TM&T they are all useful. Through the subtle and unobtrusive use of new techniques, music and ambient sound are brought together so close that dialogues appear and novel experience emerge. Almost all electronics are controlled from the piano, through a key-scanning device.
Pianist Tony Roe is TMT's band leader and responsible for the artistic concept and compositions. He received his master's degree at the conservatory of Amsterdam in 2009 with "10 with honors". Since September 2010 he is enrolled at the doctorate program of the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, where he studies the possibilities of integration of interactive visuals within acoustic improvised music. On the 16th of April there will be a presentation combined with a live performance of Tin Men and the Telephone.

The line-up: Tony Roe - piano and electronics, Lucas Dols - double bass, Bobby Petrov - drums.
16th april 2011
Studio Loos, De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, Den Haag

doors open at 19.30
concert starts at 20:00 (sharp)
entrance 3 euro

The Studio LOOS "docARTES +" presentations.

Since 2010 Studio LOOS organizes the "docARTES +" series. A series of residencies, events, performances and concerts extended with lectures and theoretical clarifications. In the series artist-researchers (students & professors) which are connected to a doctoral programme, present their researches, experiments and latest findings. The title of the series is coming from the docARTES programme related to the Royal Conservatory The Hague, Leiden University and the Orpheus Institute in Ghent/Belgium. LOOS intends in this way to stimulate and present new high level practical and theoretical developments in the arts and to inform the general public about them.

The "docARTES  +" series until now and upcoming:

April 16, 2011
Tony Roe + Tin Men and the Telephone (NL)
concert + lecture

May 28, 2011
Anil Amci (Turkey)
concert + lecture

June 18, 2011
Dr. Michael Young (UK, Goldsmiths University)
lecture LAM

June 19, 2011
Professor Dr. Kathleen Coessens (BE, ORcIM, University of Brussels)
lecture + concert Improvisation

June 26, 2011
Peter van Bergen (NL)
concert + lecture IOM

June 25th  2011            not yet confirmed
Benjamin N. Levy  (FR, IRCAM)
workshop + lecture WOMAX

2nd half 2011
Dick de Graaf            (NL)
concert + lecture jazz harmony research

2nd half 2011
Laura Young (CAN)
concert + lecture Max Reger guitar transcriptions

more to be announced soon

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