Shifting Identities

DocARTES-student Falk Hübner gives a lecture that asks the question how many parameters from the musician´s profession can be removed and still keep him a musician?

Which activities of his profession does a musician need in order to be a musician? How far can a musician reach into other art forms like theatre or dance, by specifically using his musical abilities and activities? By abstracting away abilities of the professional musician in a theatrical setting, the research seeks to make ´something else´ visible; it seeks to develops new types of task performance in order to let the musician become theatrical without any necessity to act. By systematically leaving out certain specifically musical abilities and performative actions of the profession of a musician on the one hand, and on the other hand using specifically musical abilities of a professional musician - as for example the ability to execute and to remember complex rhythms, or using originally ´musical´ movements like hand movements playing an instrument as pure choreographic movement material - new performances will be developed and performed as outcome of the research. The (professional) identity of the musician is conceptually shifting towards an ´in-between space´ of a musician-performer, in a theatrical form on the boundaries of music, installation and performance in the context of postdramatic (music-)theatre and performance in the digital age.

Lecture Tuesday 5 April 2011, 19-21h, Lecture Hall: Falk Hübner
Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, Juliana van Stolberglaan 1

Last Modified: 18-03-2011