About the Academy

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts is one of the six research institutes of the Faculty of Humanities. The Academy is the collaboration between Leiden University and The University of the Arts The Hague, offering composers, performing artists, visual artists and designers the opportunity to perform research in and through artistic practice. The institute also facilitates education in the arts for Leiden University students, and offers academic electives for students of The University of the Arts The Hague.

Research in and through artistic practice

The artist-researchers who perform research at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, create through thinking and think through creating. Practical action and theoretical reflection go hand in hand. The knowledge gathered can only be attained through the artistic creative process, and the artistic outcome is a unique result of the research. This sets it apart from other forms of research, in which the researcher stands outside of the research subject.


The docARTES programme, a four-year doctoral curriculum designed for musician-researchers, was started in 2004. In the programme, for which a partnership was formed between several institutes in The Netherlands and Belgium, equal value is placed on musical excellence and academic standards.


PhDArts is the doctoral trajectory for artist-researchers in the visual arts and design. PhDArts candidates perform their practice-based research in the context of the international academic discourse, and can thus contribute to knowledge about art/design in the vanguard of their field of interest.

Electives for bachelor and master students

Multiply gifted bachelor and master students of Leiden University and The University of the Arts The Hague can develop both their artistic and their academic talents by choosing academic or artistic minors or electives.

Last Modified: 09-12-2015